The Value of Sacred Space

May 21, 2019

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By Anne Zemlick

While waiting for the Kalamazoo City Commission meeting to begin last night, I met a wonderful young man (I will refer to him as J) who was interested in this campaign. He shared his story which I think speaks to the importance of this historic landmark. Having come to Kalamazoo 7 years ago, "J" shared how the Nazareth complex had become a place of peace and beauty for him. He said at times he will  intentionally drive through the grounds just to enjoy a spot of joy during his day.  "J" also said that it would be a real tragedy for this landmark to be destroyed as he sees it as an "anchor" on that side of town and a focal point of positive energy. "J" echoed what we have been saying all along...It makes no sense to tear this beautiful, historic building down and not use it for people who are in need in the community! If people in Detroit and other communities can re-purpose old buildings such as this, why can't Kalamazoo? --------------- Thank you "J" for sharing your story and support.